Proper Companion Previews V1.0

Proper Companion Previews V1.0

Allows you to see your companion rather than the player when equipping them with gear.

Not much else to say, if you thought it was a really dumb decision to show the player when browsing your followers inventory, you can finally see your companion in the outfit without leaving the menu.

It will also let you preview the clothes in the player or ship inventory, providing you access it with through the companion trade window.

Likely compatible with everything, edits a fragment script and its attachment to the quest.
Should also work with any other mod that adds new followers, assuming they use the vanilla method of inventory access.

1. Use mod manager to install normally or manually extract the plugin to your mod directory
2. Add “*CompanionPreviews.esm” without quotes to your plugins.txt

Plugin.txt Enabler

How’s it done?
Simply copies the companions appearance to the player when opening the menu, and changes it back when closing it. Due to this, you will still have whatever gear isn’t overwritten by the selected item. For example, if your player has a gun equipped, and you are looking at a piece of armor, they companion preview will have the gun.



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