Mercenary Outfit V1.0b

Mercenary Outfit V1.0

Adds a craftable standalone outfit to the game and a replacer option for the mercenary spacesuit. Female only currently, but spacesuit textures changes applies to male model as well.

Crafted at industrial workbench.

To acquire via console:
Type help mcremodel to console window ingame to show the ARMO line and the 8 number ID, then player.additem <id#>. Below is the ID, but the first two digits depend on your load order, so use the help command to get the full strings.

xx666800 Mercenary Outfit

Use any nude body texture mod, as shown in pictures for the outfit, to remove the vanilla underwear, for example: CRT – Skins or Starqueen textures.

Outfit has full morphs. Replacer spacesuit version body doesn’t morph, other parts just fine.


Drop the files from the .zip to your correct data folders.
Make sure that your StarfieldCustom.ini has the lines:


Install Plugins.txt Enabler and add *MCRemodel.esm to your plugins.txt. Please follow the instruction on that mod page.

If your installation fails or you use any mod manager and it doesn’t work, please manually install. I suggest putting all the files in Documents\My Games\Starfield\Data -folder and the .esm in Steam\Starfield\Data folder (unless you run Documents folder disabler of course).

Both main files share some assets and are safe to install at the same time.

Replacer option replaces the vanilla spacesuit white gloves, no way around this.


Kryo Zet

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