Modular Starborn Suits V1.4.1

Modular Starborn Suits V1.2

That’s right, I’m still at it. This time the Starborn Space Suits were my target. It was dumb you couldn’t wear the helmet separately, so I changed that. It kind of sucked you couldn’t still use a pack with your fancy new suit, so I changed that too! Why can’t I mod these? Did my perk points in Spacesuit Design mean nothing to the end game?

Simply take the suit you’ve gotten as a reward for completing the dang game, and go to the Industrial Workbench to craft a modular (helmetless, capeless) version out of your current space suit, and craft the helmet for it (or cape if it had one) separately. You can even craft it back to the original suit if you want. (Warning though, you will lose any mods you put on it, and the legendaries on it will re-roll. You are crafting a whole new item technically.) Once that is done, take it to the spacesuit workbench and mod it to your heart’s content!

Special Notes:
You will re-roll any legendaries on the item, and you will lose any mods when crafting the modular suit.
The default suit (with helmet included) can also be modded if you want, but you may have to craft the item back and forth in order to get mod slots on it (if you found it before installing this mod).
You can upgrade the tier of the suit (Calibrated, Refined, Advanced) if you want. It takes ranks in Spacesuit Design to do so.
Now craft separate Starborn Capes for the appropriate suits. The modular suits no longer come with one by default.
If you use a boost pack with your suit that has a booster on it, remove the booster from the suit. They interact badly.
Now has options for compatibility with Starborn Space Suit Visor FX.
If you want to change skins, use the Starborn Space Suit Customization mod. You need to use the Lite version though! It is not compatible with the full version. (You can load the Full version before my mod and it will still work, but only in that order.)

Unzip the archive and put TNModularStarbornSuits.esm into your Starfield/Data folder (most likely under Documents/My Games/Starfield/Data), or let your mod manager install the file.
Ensure that archive invalidation is enabled in your StarfieldCustom.ini. (Look below if you don’t)
Either add the line sTestFileX=TNModularStarbornSuits.esm under the [General] section of your StarfieldCustom.ini file (With X being replaced with the next available number 1-10), or add *TNModularStarbornSuits.esm to your Plugins.txt file if you have the plugin.txt enabler. (Ensure it has the * in front of it.)
Install Baka Achievement Enabler and SFSE if you don’t want achievements disabled.

If you haven’t already done it for another mod, this is what needs to go in your StarfieldCustom.ini:



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