Pathfinder armor – Standalone V1.5

Pathfinder armor - Standalone V1.1

Model port of Pathfinder armor, only standalone and only female version is available(for now). Expect minor clipping and visible seams on hands.
I’ve included empty body morphs so that on any body type suit will be using 0 parameters.
I personally recommend using Gunsling Boostpack Remover Standalone, cool mod that adds invisible boostpack and lets you hang weapons on your back.


1) Add lines below(If you haven’t already) to your StarfieldCustom.ini in Documents\my games\Starfield\:


2) Install Plugins.txt Enabler

3) Extract contents of the archive.

4) Put geometries, meshes, textures folders and Pathfinder_f.esm into your Data located at Documents\My Games\Starfield\ or inside your game folder if you use Baka Disable My Games Folder.

5) Add line below to your Plugins.txt located at C:\Users\*YOURUSERNAME*\AppData\Local\Starfield:


How to get:

– Type “help pathfinder” into the console
– Find the corresponding armor ID
– type:
“player.additem 0x000801 1” – for helmet
“player.additem 0x000800 1” – for suit
where “x” depends on your mod load order inside Plugins.txt
and don’t forget to download Baka Achievement Enabler.



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