N7 Retextures V1.1

N7 Retextures V1.1

Mass Effect – N7 Armor from Arrokoth7323 was gifted to us! But we could always use more colors, right? Well I’m happy to bring you N7 Retextures!


Add the following lines in your “StarfieldCustom.ini”:


Extract the “Data” to “\Documents\My Games\Starfield”

Or install to the same location as your mod folder for
“Vortex” or “Mod Organizer 2”
Example: Documents\My Games\Starfield\mods



Download mod

File File size
zip UC WARDOG-1-0 588 MB
zip UC MARINE-1-1 587 MB
zip BLACKOUT N7-1-1 584 MB
zip SYSDEF N7-1-1 583 MB
zip Tinted Visor-1-0 90 KB
zip OD N7-1-2 586 MB
zip Mass Effect - N7 Armor-3-0 603 MB
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