Pirate Commando Suit V1.2

Pirate Commando Suit V1.0

Adds standalone spacesuit in the game, themed “a bit” towards the Crimson Fleet. Currently female only.

Type “help commando” into console window to get the item IDs, then player.additem <id#>

Make sure your body size is set to 0 at Enhance! and exactly at the center. Due to how finicky modding is currently and I’m very new at modding, this is a required step to prevent gaps etc. until I get around to create working morphs. Empty morph files included. Probably will clip around neck area if equipped by a lot sturdier NPCs.

Pirate Commando Suit V1.0

Work in progress, small corrections needed. Male version, alternative versions and other means to get the armor coming in the future.

Overrides ecliptic boostpack thruster effect.


Drop the files from the .zip to your correct data folders.

Make sure that your StarfieldCustom.ini has the lines:

Install Plugins.txt Enabler and add *PirateCommando.esm to your plugins.txt.


Kryo Zet

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