Rebel Sarah Outfit V1.5

Rebel Sarah Outfit V1.0

Lore friendly black and white texture replacement for Sarah’s default outfit including her Constellation patch and a white/black boots variant.

An alternative texture replacer for Sarah’s outfit including a black and white constellation patch.

No performance impact, lore friendly.

Choose one of two main files
Rebel Sarah (This is the all black version)
Rebel Sarah White & Red (This is the White and Red version, view screenshots)

Download Main File “” or if you want only the optional patch “”

1. Extract Zip file into C:\username\Documents\My Games\Starfield

2. Edit StarfieldCustom.ini (STEAM) or Starfield.ini (GAMEPASS) (located in the directory above, or create a StarfieldCustom.ini) and add the following:

3.Black & White Boots – If you want alternative white and black boots, simply download the optional “white and black boots” file and extract into the same directory above and yes to replace.

4.Black & White Constellation Patch – If you do NOT want the black and white patch as part of the outfit (it’s part of the outfit by default) – simply remove the following file

1. Delete Data\textures\clothes\outfit_sarah


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