XS Sporty Sexy Map – Athletic fitness muscle texture – body normal map 4K

XS Sporty Sexy Map - Athletic fitness muscle texture - body normal map 4K

Sporty Sexy Map is the original mod that creates a well trained body for your favorite female character. Originally made for Skyrim in 2012 but now completely renewed for Starfield.

For Starfield I’ve completely resculpted the muscle details by hand. To achieve this I created a new high poly mesh and rebaked the normal map. Completely different than how the original was fabricated and much more reliable and consistent for future updates. The texture itself is 4096 pixels.

Which parts are different
– I mainly focused on the frontal ab area where I wanted more definition. With a low body fat percentage, the hip bones should protrude a bit more.
– The arms, triceps, biceps and and inner elbow also received some slight more details.
– The quads on the legs (mainly vastus medialis and rectus femoris) are more defined and show slight separation
– The back area has been improved with moderate muscle definition as well as better visible shoulder scapula and long back muscle.
– Venus dimples on the lower back

This mod in it’s current form is pretty definitely within the boundaries of non-sexy modding. However keep in mind that future releases with custom body models will probably will feature nudity. I’m eager to work more on a future body mesh so let me know what you have request or tips.
Also willing to team up with custom body makers for both male and female meshes.

The mod itself is only one normal map that needs to be placed in the \Documents\My Games\Starfield\ folder.
Data\Textures\actors\human\naked_body\nakedbodyf_normal.ddsTo uninstall the mod, simply remove the file above.

– Will you make a male version?
Yes, working on that but since that will have much more detail, will take some time.

– It looks flat in some angles!
That’s because normal maps do not change the geometry of the body mesh. It’s litterally faking the game engine to draw details shadow while keeping the mesh simple. More can be done with higher poly body meshes (also heavier on the GPU)

– This is not realistic at all
Correct, the entire high poly mesh was sculpted by hand basically without reference. It’s stylized according to my personal preference.

Known Issues
– I’m not happy with the back muscles but since the underwear normals are included in the texture, this is quite a hassle to sculpt.
– I am aware that the texture is not seamless even though all seam areas are supposed to be from the original source itself.

StarfieldCustom.ini will of course need the the following lines:



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