SlutFilled V1.1

SlutFilled V1.0

Based on No Bras in Space. Repainted to add one of 3 types of pubic hair, and optional layers of cum and writings. All skin colors included, but not all of them were tested. Expect glitches.
Files for editing are included, use or any other dds editor.

This is quick and by all means dirty repaint of No Bras in Space to add much needed feature that separates girl from woman – pubic hair! 3 types are available – trimmed, landing strip and bush.

Also there are two optional layers of cum and lewd writings. Since we can’t mix and match layers freely yet, all combinations were made. “Source” files are also included.

Very little testing was done. Darker skin tones might be glitchy.

One day this mod hopefully will include some mechanics and gameplay centered around cum fetish. This day is not today though.

VBB mod is recommended to make round what should be round. All pictures were taken with VBB installed

Choose one of 12 options. Or you can mix and match different skin colors from different folders.



Download mod

File File size
zip Shaved_with_writings-1-1 27 MB
zip Cum No tanlines-1-1 164 MB
zip Cum Tanlines-1-1 177 MB
zip No cum No tanlines-1-1 189 MB
zip No Cum Tanlines-1-1 200 MB
zip SlutFilled-1-0 189 MB
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One Comment on “SlutFilled V1.1”

  1. Is there a mod that makes things be flatter instead of rounder for people who think certain things shouldn’t be round?

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