Star Scoundrel – Outfit Mashup V2.1

Star Scoundrel - Outfit Mashup V1.0

An outfit mashup combining Delgado’s upper jacket with the Neocity formwear pants, to give that spacey scoundrel look. Replaces the nightwear outfit, which is not used by any NPCs as far as know, making it more unique. This mod contains meshes only, which means any mods that replace Delgado or Formwear textures will also apply to this mod.

How to find this outfit:
Purchase the Nightwear outfit from the Trade Authority vendor at New Atlantis, Jemison. May be found in other locations as well. (Wait 48 hours to refresh vendors)
Loot Nightwear outfit from random lockers you find in the world
Console commands: player.additem 00225DA0 1

Vortex Install:
Just install it using Vortex as you would any other mods

Manual Install:
1. Go to Documents\My Games\Starfield\ and create a file named StarfieldCustom.ini with the following contents, if you haven’t already done this for other mods:
2. Extract the contents of this mod and copy the Data folder into the following directory:
Documents\My Games\Starfield\

If you’ve installed it in the correct location, you should a textures and meshes folder inside the data folder, like so:
My Games\Starfield\Data\meshes
My Games\Starfield\Data\textures

If for some reason you just can’t get mods to work, try following these steps exactly. It may help. Sometimes windows doesn’t recognize file extensions correctly and these steps can sometimes resolve the issue.

Known Issues
There is some potential clipping with the glove, depending on your body size. I haven’t been able to fix this with how limited modding tools are currently.



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