Show Hair Under Helmets V1.3

Show Hair Under Helmets V1.2

This mod changes most of the space helmets in the game to show the player’s hair under their helmet that either you craft or replaces the existing helmet.

*This mod is mainly made for screenshots due to the hair clipping out of the helmets but the helmets are still fully functional for gameplay use. Until proper tools come out this is the best I can do for now.

How to Install:

1. Download this mod using a Mod manager or manually install by dropping files in Data folder.
(Recommended Baka Disable My Games Folder)

2. Install Plugin.txt Enabler

3. Add *HairUnderHelmet.esm to the Plugins.txt file.

4. Have Fun!

How to Get Items if you choose the Standalone Version:

-You can craft them at an Industrial Workbench


-You can spawn it in by typing “help HelmetHair” in the console.
-Find the Item Id for the helmet you want.
-Then type “player.additem <#>” in the console.



Download mod

File File size
rar Show Hair Under Helmets-1-3 8 MB
rar Show Hair Under Helmets-1-2 8 MB
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