Missions Galore V1.0

Missions Galore V1.0

Up to 12/13 (configurable!) Missions per type for the generic Mission Board.

Configurable Option to automatically set Missions as Active (tracked, blue dot) with Backlog.
-> Accept 50 missions..Follow the blue dot for hours! No Map, no quest menu.

Configuration of options is done via Ship Terminal Menu Mod terminal in your cockpit.
Mission Boards do not always reset.
Full reset including all quests is needed for decrease in configured number of missions to work.
Going different major city is best bet. Or just work through the ones displayed…

For some reason Supply Missions are stuck at 3 for me. Not sure what I overlooked.
Timered missions (Cargo, Passenger) are a bit iffy with the max number.
Sometimes I get less than what I configured. I think it is the timers.

In order to make it all work. Vanilla Scripts by Beth had to be extended/overwritten.

More Missions more problems:
Vanilla Ship habs with passenger slots not exactly space efficient or plentiful.
Making a ship that can take 20+ passengers results makes them very big.

Habz has 1×1 Habs with 2 Passenger Slots (Brigs,…)

Plugins.txt Enabler
Ship Terminal Mod Menu



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