Ship Terminal Mod Menu V1.1

Ship Terminal Mod Menu V1.1

Enables a hidden terminal in the ship cockpit for various functions and mod menus

Terminal will not appear until you edit your ship at least once after installing. Seems to be the case for any mod-added ship part (like the ship decorator and nav console mods).

There’s an initially disabled terminal in every cockpit with a blank terminal script attached.
Maybe it’s a coincidence, but I choose to believe that this is a gift from Todd.

With this we can add new ship functions, personal actions, and can even act as a temporary mod config menu until we get a proper MCM.

Menu entries are listed as ShipTerminal_Level2_ShipFunctions_xyz, ShipTerminal_Level2_PersonalRecords_xyz, and ShipTerminal_Level2_ModSettings_xyz
Each menu also comes with an accompanying global value. When you overwrite a slot, also overwrite its global to 1 to make it appear in the terminal menu.

All you need to do is overwrite a TMLM entry ending in REPLACE and set its global to 1 to hook into this menu.

I did replace the actual terminal object to avoid issues with other ships. That blank computer is used something like 1100 times, so I don’t want you trying to refuel the Viewport or something goofy like that.

This mod does nothing on its own besides display the terminal and add the base menu. You’ll still need a mod that adds a terminal entry (Which I’ll try to list below as I’m aware of them. You can also check the Requirements tab above for dependents as soon as one exists).


Menu entries need to be built on my end for this to be compatible. Unless a mod has a reserved slot, there’s a chance of collisions. Check the forum posts for a list of what’s reserved at the moment.

If your mod does depend on this, claim your slot in the forum and let me know what name you want on your reserved slot (it’d be ShipTerminal_Level2_ShipFunctions_yourmodname_RESERVED or something along those lines). It’ll be added in a future update and at that point you can swap overrides.
Don’t overwrite anything labeled RESERVED unless it’s your mod. At best it’ll be kicking out an existing mod, at worst it’ll break the menu for everyone else. Community mod slots are labeled with REPLACE
Menu categories are a high possibility if the menus get congested. Should be able to do this seamlessly without an update on anyone else’s end, but if not I’ll reach out and give as early of a warning as I can
I think I got all the cockpits, but that blank terminal I’m replacing is also referenced in like 1000 other ones. Let me know ASAP if you spot a vanilla player cockpit missing one.
An outpost menu is a possibility, but that would require a new buildable and some conditions on the terminal. Keeping it in mind, but unless someone volunteers, that may be down the road a bit.
Currently does not require SFSE or RTFP, but once RTFP can swap menu list items that will change. When that time comes (and when we have xbox modding), I’m not opposed to keeping the non-RTFP version alive but I’ll probably need a hand.

If your mod uses a handheld item to open a menu, it’s possible to create a terminal that triggers that item. I don’t know the specifics (haven’t gone too deep into scripting), but Starvival has an example to look at.
I’ve heard there’s a way to add terminal entries via scripts, but again I don’t know much about that. If that’s something you’re capable of, you should be able to put your menu wherever without overwrites. Would love a write up or an example if anyone’s willing to provide that.


This will not be compatible with mod-made cockpits without a patch. Unless those are built from vanilla cockpits and still have a hidden terminal, they’ll need to place a physical terminal in the cockpit cell and attach ShipTerminal_Root_Menu_RESERVED as the menu for it.

This is also mildly incompatible with All Cockpits Have Nav Consoles. My terminal and theirs overlap in at least the Armstrong 10 cockpit (it’s super cramped in that one. You can still access a corner of my terminal but it looks bad). Unsure about any others or if the related Decorator mod has similar conflicts (it doesn’t in that cockpit).


Jack the Stripper

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