Useable World Objects V0.1

Useable World Objects V0.1

Makes a bunch of world objects useable by the player, including new weapons, an interactive music player, and scouting tools…

A Mod to make a couple of world objects useable by the player. For now this adds: a Binocular with nightvision, high magnification, and target marking. A Spyglass with less but still magnificent magnification with a vintage zoom overlay. A Hammer, a Pool Cue and a Frying Pan as blunt weapons, with mediocre damage, and ranging staggering effects. Last but not least you get a wearable music player “Walkman” to choose from 10 tracks already in game, like the Neon Disco music, some Classical, Country and Pop, as well as the Crimson Death Metal run in many bars across the settled systems.

How does it work?

Easy. Approach any of the supported misc clutter world objects to get a second menu option. The object will then be “converted” into the new items. 3 weapons, 2 tools that act like weapons, and a wearable object. The original object will be consumed during the process.

How to install?

Drag&Drop for Mod Managers. Make sure to grab the Plugin.txt installer. The plugin title is:


For manual install: you are capable enough to know what you need to do. Don’t forget the asterisk(*) and the file extention (.esm) in the Plugin.txt. Count the days CK is released. Soon we don’t need that anymore.

The mod is archieved, so no loose files from here on for any of the mods I make.

Planing on expanding?

I’ve got plenty of options available. Scalpels, Utility Knives, a Zitar like instrument, Laptops, Cameras, at least three objects that could act as new energy weapons. Leave some feedback if you have ideas.

Are there any bugs?

Yes, the Binocular and Spyglass do not really act like weapons in idle stance. The choice of animations is limited in that regard. Also, the Walkman object isn’t visible on your body for the moment, but I’m working on that.

In the Video you’ve got that crazy Hammer running rampage?

That’s a super secret Doom weapon. Console it if you must:

Player.Additem xx00088A



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