Star Trek Starfleet Uniforms V1.0

Star Trek Starfleet Uniforms V1.0

This mod retextures the ECS uniforms found aboard the ECS Constant to the colors of the Starfleet uniforms of Star Trek. The communicator has been added to the chest and the metal studs on the collar has been changed to the pips signifying rank.

~~I created this mod for my own personal use but I felt I should attempt to share it on the Nexus as there are a lack of Starfleet uniforms on here, which I found surprising.

There are 3 ECS Uniforms found in game. The Captain Uniform, The Officer Uniform and The Worker Uniform.

The Captain Uniform has been changed to be red from purple to reflect command uniforms.

The Officer Uniform has been changed to a different shade of blue to reflect the science uniform ( this may or may not have been necessary due to being blue to begin with)

The Worker Uniform has been changed to yellow from brown to reflect the operation uniforms.

All uniforms have also been darkened to be a deeper black.

Communicators have been added to the chest and pips have been added to the collar in place of the metal studs that were there prior.

These uniforms will also change the uniforms of the crew of the Constant. I am not positive if anyone else in the game wears these affected uniforms as I am still blindly stumbling across the galaxy. This may or may not bother people but it’s worth noting.

I should also note that the colors may not be perfect, I’m new to retexturing clothing in Bethesda games and it was surprisingly hard to get the colors to a decent shade that I found good enough for my personal use.

Extract the archive to Documents/My Games/Starfield/Data

Make sure to have a StarfieldCustom.ini with the following:




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zip Star Trek Uniforms Retexture-1 4 MB
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