Star Wars – Misc Armor Replacements V1.1

Star Wars - Misc Armor Replacements V1.0

Starfield has a serious problem where there’s many different named outfits/spacesuits that share the same model. That seems like an incredible waste of potential so I’m replacing them for more variety. This is an expanding project and is mainly a patch for numerous standalone Armor mods.

Current Replacements:
Old Earth Set – Old Republic Knight (Anakin)
Star Roamer Set – Armor Layered Robes (Obi-Wan)
Peacemaker Set – Bounty Hunter (Boussh)

Leia Outfits (Star Wars)
Star Wars Clone Wars Outfits (Anakin – Obi-Wan – Padme)


DeityVengy and Crozzbow

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