The Naked Spacesuit V0.06

The Naked Spacesuit V0.05

Provides a series of skintight spacesuits (ostensibly enabled by a personal forcefield) and fishbowl helmet.aiming for a ’50s pulp SF feel. Any actual nakedness depends on the skin textures you might have installed. So if you want to explore cold and airless moons wearing nothing but a bikini, we got you covered. So to speak.

NSS provides a series of skintight spacesuits leaving nothing to the imagination as well as two that show the naked skin (with or without bikini, according to the skin mods you might have installed). There’s also a “fishbowl” helmet to help foster a 1950s pulp SF feel. Suits colors are red, blue, green, yellow, black and white. Most of the colored suits are a little bit translucent: they don’t protect your modestly as zealously as Narion Space Systems seem to think!

NB: You still need a pack! You need the helmet, but it doesn’t do anything without a pack. Just like the other helmets. There will be a NSS themed pack to go with the suits, but that’s still work-in-progress.

Getting The Suits

No crafting recipes or sales outlets as yet. You’ll need to add them from the console. Type

help NSS 4 armo

into the console for a list of IDs, and then

player.additem <ID>

to add the item to your inventory. Use an item ID returned from the previous command in place of the <ID> part.


Install normally. MO2 recommended.

Requires: Plugins.txt Enabler


Safe to uninstall. The only danger is that if you’re wearing an NSS suit or helmet, it will disappear with the mod, so make sure you’re in a safe environment first.


  • Currently female only. I will fix  this in the next release.
  • No NSS boost pack yet.
  • The suits use the default Constellation suit resistances, which may start seeming a bit inadequate at high levels. Feel free to tweak the values with sf1edit to taste. Or not. You didn’t want to play on easy mode, did you?



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File File size
7z The Naked Spacesuit-0-06 49 MB
7z The Naked Spacesuit-0-05 45 MB
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