UC Marine Tactical V1.0

UC Marine Tactical V1.0

Tactical Gear for the Armored UC Marine Spacesuit variants.

After much tinkering I have decided to release my UC Marine Tactical mod. This mod adds tactical pouches to all of the “Heavy” variants of the UC Marine Spacesuits.

It is currently for MALE only (female is being considered but no promises). It has been tested on body morphs from default to muscular.

This is a mesh replacer and will affect the following MALE variants of the UC Marine Spacesuits:
-UC Wardog
-UC Anti-Xeno
-UC Urbanwar
-UC Security Star-Law
-UC Sec-Def Assault

How to obtain:
-Any way you normally would or use a mod that adds UC gear to stores. I like this one: UC Surplus Stores Expanded – Spacesuits and Uniforms

How to install:
-Download and install via a Mod-Manager like Vortex. Or manually extract to your game directory.

Optional Files:
-A patch for use with the UC Vanguard Armory has been made. You must have that mod installed for it to function. You must have both my main file and my optional patch installed. Vortex will inform you of conflicts between that mod and my patch. Make sure to have it load MY MOD AFTER that one so the changes will appear.

Known issues:
-Might see some minor clipping with certain body sizes or at certain extreme angles. Anything I found is so minimal I am not bothered by it. It’s no more than the default clipping you already get in this game with spacesuits.

-I do not make my mods to be compatible with other mods unless specifically stated. If you use any mod that edits the meshes of the UC marine Space Suits, or possibly ones that edit body morphs you will get issues. I have no intentions of making compatibility patches for these types of mods.

-However, any mod that retextures the Space Suits will be fine.



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