UC Marines – Colonial Marine Spacesuits V1.0

UC Marines - Colonial Marine Spacesuits V1.0

Lore-friendly UC Marine retexture, inspired by the legendary ‘Colonial Marines’. Camo, gritty / weathered armour plates and custom UC decals. “Let’s get tactical Marines!”

Acquiring: UC Marine gear can occasionally be found in the game world to loot or buy.

I recommend my mod UC Surplus Stores Expanded, which adds all UC spacesuit variants to UC Surplus stores in Cydonia (Mars) and The Well (New Atlantis).

Alternatively, you can add using console commands, replacing ******* with the codes below:

player.additem ******** 1

00257805UC Marine Spacesuit
00257808UC Combat Spacesuit
00257809UC Startroop Spacesuit
0025780AUC Wardog Spacesuit
00257806UC Marine Space Helmet
0025780BUC Armored Space Helmet
00257807UC Marine Pack

For the blacked-out visor, I recommend Space Helmets – Dark Visors by Xtudo, selecting the ‘UC Marine’ file.

Installation (Main file):

1: Make sure these lines are in your StarfieldCustom.ini in “Documents\My Games\Starfield\”


2: Download the mod via mod manager (I personally use Vortex), or manually download and extract to your Starfield directory, ensuring
the folder structure is: “\Starfield\Data\textures\clothes\…”



Download mod

File File size
7z UC Marines - Colonial Marine Spacesuits-1-0 20 MB
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