Wearable Black Beanie and Mask V1.0

Wearable Black Beanie and Mask V1.0

This mod replaces some caps with a wearable beanie. (Normally only NPC’s have them)
Also included a matching Black Facemask + Console Commands for both!

Replaces some baseball caps with the NPC’s Beanie.
Only meshes. You can Install/uninstall it at anytime

1) Unpack it into your Documents Starfield folder.
2) Create the StarfieldCustom.ini file in your Documents\My Games\Starfield folder, containing the next text:


Simply delete the added provided folders found in your Documents.

Console Commands
player.additem 0024EF42 (Face Mask)
player.additem 00185A6F (Baseball Cap)



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File File size
rar Black Beanie and Facemask 4 KB
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