Cat Woman and Dressless Andreja V1.0

Cat Woman and Dressless Andreja V1.0

Replacer mod that turns the Stealth outfit into a cat woman outfit. Also a bonus dressless version of Andreja’s outfit. Both come with blacked out textures.

Only meshes. You can Install/uninstall it at anytime
Replaces the Stealth outfit with a Catsuit
Removes Andreja’s dress from her outfit.
Black out textures for both

1) Unpack it into your Documents Starfield folder.
2) Create the StarfieldCustom.ini file in your Documents\My Games\Starfield folder, containing the next text:


I made these outfits for myself and just figured I’d share. That being said, the cat woman outfit is hard set to a slim body (cause cat woman).
If your players neck is too big then you will need to go to an Enhance center and slim your body & neck a bit.

Simply delete the added provided folders found in your Documents.

Console Commands
player.additem 0018B54A (Stealth Outfit)
player.additem 001341E4 (Andreja’s Outfit)



Download mod

File File size
rar Cat Woman-1 17 MB
rar Updated Dressless Andreja-1-2 14 KB
rar Dressless Andreja-1-1 15 KB
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