Audrey – Starborn Companion V1.0

Audrey - Starborn Companion

This mod adds a new recruitable companion to the roster of Starfield! A
trans starborn woman by the name of Audrey, who can be found and
recruited inside the lodge.

Audrey has over 900+ lines of dialogue and even a small hidden quest!

This is my first time using any Creation Kit, and as to be expected things
may not be perfect- I’m sorry if I missed a few wrinkles that needed
ironing out! This was mainly a test in using the CK and exploring
developing a mod for Starfield, I am still quite the newbie at this.

Audrey is voiced by me, and the art for her is also done by me.

– Simply use your MOD MANAGER of choice!
– Places the files of this mod directly into your Starfield Directories DATA folder under: Steam/SteamApps/Common/Starfield/Data



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