Crew Companion Skill Overhaul V1.0.5

Crew Companion Skill Overhaul V1.0.5

Changes the stats for all crew members to actually be useful. No longer will constellation be the only good ones.

I was tired of only the constellation members being good at stuff, so I made this mod.

Overall changes
Every crew member should now have a level 4, 3, 2, and 1 skill. This makes everyone viable in different scenarios, though some overlap each other due to this.

Some skills can’t be given higher stats than X. I adjusted a few ones, but others are too complex for me to mess around, like Medicine for example.
Due to this, a few companions will have something like 4,3,1,1 for example instead.

If a companion is not changed, just send a comment with the name of them and I’ll look into it. You can also suggest what perks they should have.
Also leave feedback on if a companion has skills you disagree with.

Full list of changes at the bottom.


Mod Manager install
-Everything should work without issues. Just download and enable it. Though you might need to download and enable Plugins.txt enabler.

Manual install:
– Place the mod into your Starfield/Data folder
– Download and install Plugins.txt enabler
– Go to %localappdata%/starfield
– add *crewskilloverhaul.esm to the plugins.txt file.



Download mod

File File size
rar Crew Skill Overhaul-1-0-5 45 KB
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