Kilroy – Multi-Modal Companion V1.0

Kilroy - Multi-Modal Companion

Kilroy is a voiced recruitable follower with 7 different skill sets to choose from that can be switched at will.

Mitchell Microtech presents their latest prototype multi-modal biped, Kilroy – and entrusts Constellation with the task of testing him in all extremes!

Find him outside The Lodge in New Atlantis.

– Fully fledged crew member and follower
– Has 7 sets of perks that can be rotated through at will
– Currently has over 250 voiced lines of dialogue

Carry Mode – Boosts Weight Lifting by 3 and Leadership by 1
Tank Mode – Boosts Xenosociology by 1, Pain Tolerance by 2, and Wellness by 2
Stealth Mode – Boosts Stealth by 2 and Concealment by 1
Ship Assist Mode – Boosts Aneutronic Fusion by 1, Astrodynamics by 3, and Payloads by 1
Outpost Assist Mode – Boosts Outpost Management by 2 and Outpost Engineering by 2
Ship Aggression Mode – Boosts Ballistic Weapon Systems by 1, Energy Weapon Systems by 1, and Missile Weapon Systems by 2
Ship Defense Mode – Boosts Piloting by 2, Starship engineering by 1, and Shield Systems by 1



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