The Gang’s All Here – Multiple Companions and Followers Mod V1.2.1

The Gang's All Here - Multiple Companions and Followers Mod V1.2.1

Allows you to have multiple companions and crew follow you.


Command Followers Easily – Using a terminal that can be accessed by using a favorite, you can teleport, dismiss, tell them to wait, access inventory, etc. See the pics attached to see all options available.
Conditioned Command Terminal – Keeps the UI clean as you won’t see things like “Follow Me” if the companion is not currently in a waiting state or “Set as Main Companion” if they are already the main.
Set a Main Companion (MC) – This feature will keep the other Constellation Companions from commenting on event and location triggers and during quests, so they aren’t talking all at once. Don’t want any of them to talk at event or location triggers? You can do this by setting the MC to none (the prior MC will still have dialogue during quests). NOTE: This only works for Constellation Companions. If you have crew following you there still may be some overlapping dialogue.
Teleport and Hire Companions – All with the click of a button.
Gain Affinity Quickly – All companions that are currently following you will gain affinity, so you can get in their good graces all at the same time if you like.
See Companion Relationship Info – The Constellation Companions sub menu also includes the current companion affinity, relationship status and anger level.
Who’s Following and Who is the MC? – This will be shown next to the name. They will have [Active] if following and [Active] [Main] if they are the MC.
Companion Conversations Have Cooldowns – Annoyed that Sam and Cora keep having the same conversation over and over? In order to keep companions from talking to each other constantly, I’ve set up cooldowns for those scenes so they will not fire as often. If you are curious as to why I did this, during development Sarah and Sam would just not shut up and were gabbing to each other non-stop when I had them both as followers. To keep this from happening, I added cool-downs, and the added benefit was that they don’t talk as much to each other regardless of whether or not they are following you.


Before Installing/Updating – Dismiss your active companions/crew.
Accessing The Command Terminal – Once the mod is activated, you will receive a weapon called “Follower Control”. Favorite this weapon to access the terminal to command your followers and to set a Main Companion.
Set a Main Companion (MC) – Use the control terminal and go to Constellation Companions. Select the companion you wish to set as the MC and finally click “Set as Main Companion”.
OR Set the Main Companion to NONE – This will only affect comments for event and location triggers, not quests. The comments during quests will still be spoken by the prior MC (or the last one hired if you never set the MC).
Want all the companions to follow but you are already out adventuring? Click “Teleport to Me”. They will be teleported to you and hired.
Lost a Follower? Go to the All Followers menu and Teleport all followers to you or click “Teleport to Me” under the Constellation Companion menu to teleport an individual.
Follower Stopped Following? Use the terminal to tell them to wait, then tell them to follow again. This is a vanilla bug I’ve come across and this normally will fix it.


Current Issue: I found that the story-gate timers are not working properly. HOTFIX UPLOADED. READ Instructions for the file.

This mod is keeping the timers from starting and pausing properly. I’m modifying the scripts and will have a hotfix out sometime today (11/28/2023). For those curious about what this means, in Starfield the companions go through their stories based on affinity and story gate timers. For example, for the first talk that they have with you after becoming an available companion, affinity must be 100 and you must have had them as an active companion for the duration of the first story gate timer. If affinity is 100 but they have never been an active follower, the first dialogue scene will not fire.

Locked In Companions – When a companion is locked in for a quest (companion quests or main quests), all other followers will be dismissed. This is to prevent any issues that may arise from having more than one companion during these quests. It also felt off when I had Sam along with me during Sarah’s companion quest and he was talking about how he was glad Sarah wasn’t there when she was standing right in front of him. Once the quest is over and the companion is no longer locked in you can rehire everyone. NOTE: It is possible to rehire crew before the quest is over, but I’ll leave that up to you.

Requires: Plugins.txt Enabler



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