Vasco Variants V1.0

Vasco Variants V1.0

This mod lets you change Vasco’s appearance to your choice of six Model A robot skins.

Currently the skins are:
Model A 01 – Civilian Robot Skin
Ryujin – A Ryujin Themed Skin
NASA- A NASA Themed Skin
Model A 02 – Civilian Robot Skin
Clean – Default skin with logos removed
White- Simply all white

You can pick whichever one you like to download. Currently only one skin can be active at a time.

Extract the zip and copy the contents of the Data folder into Documents\MyGames\Starfield\Data

Steam Setup
Make sure you have StarfieldCustom.ini in Documents\My Games\Starfield with the following lines:


Gamepass Setup
In the Starfield.ini found in C:\XboxGames\Starfield\Content put the following lines under [Archive] :




Download mod

File File size
zip Ryujin-V1-0 15 MB
zip NASA-V1-0 17 MB
zip Clean - No Logos-V1-0 6 KB
zip Model A - 01-V1-0 53 MB
zip Model A - 02-V1-0 43 MB
zip White-V1-0 16 MB
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