Faster Airlock and Hatch Animations V1.1.1

Faster Airlock and Hatch Animations V1.0.3

Entering and exiting certain buildings can be tiresome due to how slow their airlocks/hatches operate. This mod aims to fix that. It comes with various speed multipliers for you to choose from.
The mod comes in a convenient FOMOD installer. That allows to easily install different speed multipliers for each door type individually.

Available animation speed multipliers:

x2 (faster)
x3 (even faster)
x4 (very fast)
x5 (unrealistically fast)
x10 (almost instant)
x50 (instant)

This mod only changes the animation speed. The audio tied to the animations (door opening/closing sound) isn’t affected so the audio and visuals aren’t synced. In order to sync them the audio files would need to be changed (sped up) as well.

Apparently, the animation graph that is responsible for hatch cycling animations also seems to control some other container door animations (e.g. supply shelves and lockers). I suggest you stick to one of the less extreme options from the hatch category in the installer to prevent those door animations from looking weird.


The files are bundled so that they can be easily installed via mod manager. Both Vortex and Mod Organizer 2 are officially supported by this mod. Other mod managers might work as well but I haven’t tested them.
If you intend to install the files manually feel free to do so but be aware that I won’t provide any support in case something isn’t working as expected.

When installing any mod that contains loose assets, like this one, you have to make sure that Archive Invalidation is disabled in your game’s INI (settings) file. This is how it is achieved:

Go to the following folder:
..\Documents\My Games\Starfield
If that folder doesn’t contain a file with the name “StarfieldCustom.ini” yet then create it.
Open “StarfieldCustom.ini” with a text editor of your choice (e.g. Notepad++).
Add the following part to the file’s content, if it isn’t present already:
Save your changes and close the text editor.


Any variant of this mod will conflict with other mods that also make changes to the following animation files:



Does this mod disable achievements?
No, it does not.

Is it possible to switch from one variant to another?
Yes, it is. Just reinstall the mod and select different options from the FOMOD installer.

Is it safe to uninstall mid-playthrough?
Yes, it is. This mod only contains loose assets and nothing related to them is baked into your save.

Is it intended to have the hatch animation change also affect some other container door animations?
No, that isn’t intended. But since Bethesda decided to have all of them controlled by a single animation graph there’s nothing I can do about that right now. Maybe once official/proper modding tools are available.


Dank Rafft

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