Overstocked Vendors V1.7

Overstocked Vendors

This simple but essential mod stocks each vendor with up to 3 times the number of items to sell. It doesn’t change the types of items vendors sell. It randomly adds more of the kinds of items they normally have in stock. The latest version adds 2 features: You can now wait just one day for vendors to have new items to sell. Vendors who sell unique weapons now sell additional copies of them, which have the same mods and perks but do greater damage and cost a little more.

This is the initial release of the mod originally available for Xbox on Bethesda.

The mod works with new and existing characters. To use it:

Enable the mod.
Load a save.
Sit in a chair and use the option to wait for at least 24 hours.
Visit a vendor or three and ask what they have for sale.
They will have more items for sale than usual.

Originally called Overstocked Merchants, this mod now does 3 things: (1) It increases the number of items vendors sell to 2 to 3 times their normal stock. So you’ll spend less time shop hopping and more time having fun! (2) It gives vendors who sell unique weapons additional copies of them, which have the same mods and perks but do more damage. So you can pay a little extra to get a unique weapon with the damage you want! (3) It reduces the amount of time the player has to wait for vendors to get new items for sale from 48 hours (UT) to 24 hours (UT). Because you shouldn’t have to wait longer than that! Right?
The mod doesn’t increase the credits they have to buy items. To increase their credits, use the mods “Richer Vendors” or “Even Richer Vendors” together with this mod. They are fully compatible.

Mods that change the kinds or amounts of items vendors sell will overwrite the changes made by this mod. Be sure those mods are lower in the Creations Load Order menu so you get the benefits of both mods.

It’s safe to disable the mod. After disabling it, sit and wait for at least 48 hours (UT). Vendors will then sell the normal amount of items.



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