Space Mining – Asteroids and Space Debris V1.0

Space Mining - Asteroids and Space Debris V1.0

Increases the variety and amount of minerals found from mining rock and ice asteroids in space.
Also add destruction data to most debris fields as well, with custom loot lists for each piece type, allowing chances to scavenge rare items.

Expands the list of available resources, and changes the chances to be more based on the size of the asteroid. Smaller asteroids will only have a few (or none) resources, while the largest asteroids are almost guaranteed to have a sizeable mineral deposit.
Almost every resource can now be found when mining asteroids. Frozen asteroids can return frozen liquids, rock asteroids can return metals, and both types have a small chance to find trapped pockets of gas. Even unique resources can be found, although they can be rare.
To keep things interesting and worthwhile, asteroids will have a chance to spawn with additional loot at higher levels.
Asteroids that did not spawn loot, they were left like this, as they are mostly used in areas you aren’t supposed to receive loot, such as the UC Vanguard Simulation test.

Debris Fields
Most space debris can now be destroyed, and has a chance to yield resource scrap metals and scrap manufactured parts. Certain intact modules have fortified storage, with a higher chance of dropping loot and a very small chance to find a shipment of some sort; from weapons shipments, contraband shipments, large resource shipments, etc.
Unlike asteroids, all the areas use the same debris field pieces. Rather than replace them all and risk conflicts, I elected to leave them as is, meaning you may find loot in places you shouldn’t be able to.

1. Use mod manager to install normally or manually extract the plugin to your mod directory
2. Add “*SpaceMining.esm” without quotes to your plugins.txt

Plugin.txt Enabler

-Will be incompatible with mods that do the same thing.



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