Advanced Weapon Tiers V0.1b

Advanced Weapon Tiers V0.1b

All weapons deserve a chance. Adds ‘Advanced’ versions of several weapons from the base game that were missing the last tier from their modification lists.

Ever been annoyed that you couldn’t find that Advanced Eon, Sidestar or Equinox? Well i know why, and now you will too! They simply don’t exist!

The records for the advanced tier of these guns were never implemented for some reason, this mod aims to bring them in line with the other weapons in the game to do just that.

Ignore the damage numbers in the screenshots, they are affected by perks on my character.

Later versions planned to include the Cutter, Arc Welder and Auto Rivet. And Melee weapons. I just can’t yet because xEdit doesn’t support overriding of weapon records right now and those weapons don’t have existing quality mods so i would need to override the base weapon to add them.

Installation: Put the .esm into your install Starfield\Data folder (where all the BA2 files are) and use this mod to enable your plugins.
Below is apparently the old scuffed method.

This mod is currently still experimental; as you should be aware there is no official mod support available for Starfield and mods may be unstable or cause corruption in your game files.

Huge thanks to the amazing work by the xEdit team for getting their tool out so fast, very excited for things to come!



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