Always in the cockpit upon landing V1.0

Always in the cockpit upon landing V1.0

This mod allows you to always find yourself in the cockpit of your ship when you land or fast travel to any previously visited location on any planet (new locations are not affected by this mod, so the standard landing is shown).

No landing animation is played but you are simply transferred inside the cockpit, for this reason most of the time or if you have a slow computer you will find yourself for a few moments on the surface of the planet in the place where you would be without this mod, you will also have the alarm if you are landing on a planet without an atmosphere and you are not wearing a suit but this will only last a moment and as soon as you are in the cockpit you will be safe.

Be careful that the mod also works when you use fast travel, but don’t worry that when you move from place to place within the same map it doesn’t trigger (tested for quite some time).

Installation instructions:
Download the file and place it in the game’s Content\Data\scripts directory, also enable scripts with the ‘StarfieldCustom.ini‘ file



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