Astroneer V0.0.1

Astroneer V0.0.1

Astroneer: An ambitious new mod where you become a freelance ship designer.
– Brand new radiant quest system to build thematic ships from the mission board.
– Fully voiced NPC: Aria Collins. Your go to gal at Atlas Astronautics.
– Full progression system to reward players for completing builds. Unlock new ship parts and as bonuses

Astroneer: Become a Starship Designer

Live your dream as a starship designer!

Welcome to Astroneer, a mod for Starfield that puts you in the shoes of a freelance ship designer. With this mod, you’re not just exploring the galaxy – you’re shaping it, one ship at a time.

Disclaimer: Astroneer is still in a Beta stage. There will be bugs and things to continue to flush out.


Ship Contracts Galore: Dive into a variety of contracts from the mission board, each tailored to a specific type of vessel – Explorers, Fighters, Haulers, Luxury ships, and Interceptors. Whether it’s maximizing firepower for a Fighter or ensuring the opulence of a Luxury cruiser, each contract comes with its unique challenges and requirements.
Meet Aria Collins: Your guide and collaborator in the shipbuilding world. Aria, from Atlas Astronautics, is a witty, hands-on ship designer who will work with you on every project. She’s more at home with a wrench in hand than behind a desk – a true gearhead who brings personality and expertise to your journey.
Progression System: Your work pays off! Completing contracts earns you XP, Credits, and Salvage resources. Use salvage to complete over 25 new research projects for global upgrades, new ship parts, or discounts through Aria.
Space Encounters: Ever wondered what happens to your ships after they leave the dock? In Astroneer, you’ll encounter your creations out in the vastness of space. Hail them, steal them, or engage in a little space piracy – the choice is yours!

Ready to take the helm of your shipbuilding career? Download Astroneer now and start forging the future of space travel in Starfield!


Extract files into the \Data folder of your Starfield installation.
Include Astroneer.esm at the top of your plugins.txt (see below)

This mod requires Plugins.txt Enabler which also requires SFSE or ASIL (GamePass) because it was made in xEdit and is packaged as .ESM plugin file.
Please read detailed instructions provided by SFSE and Plugins.txt Enabler if you have not used any ESM mods yet! Open their respective pages and the instructions are all there!

After you have requirements taken care of, please add the following lines to your Plugins.txt file, complete text file should look like this: 

# This file is used by Starfield to keep track of your downloaded content.

Save the file and start the game using sfse_loader.exe. (Or for GamePass follow instructions provided by Plugins.txt Enabler)

Note that this mod should work just fine with GamePass version as well, please just make sure to follow Plugin.txt Enabler instructions specific for the GamePass modding and ASIL. I only have Steam version so can’t provide any support unless you get the Plugins.exe Enabler and ASI Loader to work on your installation, as I have no experience with GamePass version.

Compatibility/Known Issues

If you are having trouble, please consult the Bugs section of this mod to see if your issue has been addressed.

Astroneer was designed to avoid as many hard conflicts as possible. However, if you are using mods that make changes to ship builder prices, or add new modules to the ship builder, bear in mind that you may run into issues due to how some of these mods manipulate the systems that Astroneer relies on. There may be patches in the future and contributions are welcome.


@codegangsta – Game design, scripting, narrative crafting
Elisabeth Saenz – Voice of Aria, narrative contributor

Thanks to the authors of XEdit and Caprica. Without these tools this mod would not be possible to make!

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