Better Blocking V1.01

Better Blocking V1.0

Increase blocking power but use some oxygen with each block. Blocking with a full CO2 bar will cost you health.
This may disable achievements. (Use this mod to avoid that)

– Blocking now reduces incoming melee damage by 90% (vanilla: 50%)
– Blocking now damages oxygen for 15% of the dealt damage + 5
– Blocking while your CO2 bar is full (= red oxygen bar) will damage health

Installation Instructions

CCR Version:
– This version only works with the Steam release of the game
– Install Console Command Runner and the CRR version of this mod with Vortex

Normal Version:
– Install “Better Blocking” with Vortex or unpack them into the base game directory.
– Modify your StarfieldCustom.ini following these instructions:

Copy this into your StarfieldCustom.ini under [General]: (If you don’t have [General], create it)
sStartingConsoleCommand=bat BetterBlocking

If you already have “sStartingConsoleCommand=” then add to it so it looks like this:
sStartingConsoleCommand=bat othermods;bat BetterBlocking


Ixion XVII

Download mod

File File size
rar Better Blocking-1-01 348 B
rar Plugins txt-1-00 184 B
rar Better Blocking-1-00 168 B
rar Better Blocking (CCR)-1-00 457 B
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