Build like Minecraft MODE V1.1

Build like Minecraft MODE V1.1

You can play Minecraft in starfield now.
put the StarfieldConsole.ini to Documents\My Games\Starfield file.
n Toggle the build mode on or off.
\ creat a box at player position.
;: move player to North
/: move player to south
.: move player to west
‘: move player to east
alt+;:move player up a layer
alt+/:move player down a layer
w,a,s,d and mouse are control camera.
you can change the hotkey in the StarfieldConsole.ini file.
You can build everything like Minecraft now.
you can change the object ID and Moving distance.
Crate of Medical Treatments :0x000642A5
X:0.7 Y:0.45 Z:0.6
Crate of Adaptive Clothing :0x000642A4
Crate of Anti-Venin:0x000642A6
Stylized TerraBrew Cup:0x000667FF
Hope you give more additions object



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File File size
rar MinecraftMODE_v1.1 234 B
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