Contraband Crafting Updated V1.1

Contraband Crafting Updated

Rebuilt from scratch using xEdit 4.1.4r version of zXzChaoszXz’s Contraband Crafting mod with unlocked Aurora recipe (normally required quest completion to gain). This mod is designed to completely replace the original Contraband Crafting mod and shouldn’t be used at the same time, or you will get duplicate crafting entries.

While you can probably use the sTestFilex method in StarfieldCustom.ini to load this plugin, I recommend using the plugins.txt enabler here instead: Plugins.txt Enabler

This update cleans up the recipes, removes one bad formID record (00000000), fixes some of the workbench entries and reduces the material quantities by approximately half over the original version. For craftable Ship Parts see my other update of Craftable Ammo and Utilities here: Craftable Ammo and Utilities

The mod has been completely rebuilt using xEdit 4.1.4r in .esm format, see the What’s New for xEdit 4.1.4r to see why this is recommended currently for Starfield.


Chaos and NukuNookee

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