Crimson Fleet hostile again plus re-join at will V1.0

Crimson Fleet hostile again plus re-join at will V1.0

This will turn the Crimson Fleet to enemies again even if you sided with them, also have a file to re-join at will. No more boring shooting galleries >.< So Spoiler Alert if you join the Crimson Fleet they will stop being hostile at several story locations that wouldn’t make sense for them to be friendly really and the game just turns boring that way since theyre 50% of the enemies in the game so with this files you can easily turn them hostile and back to friendly again.

simply place the txts in ur root folder and type in console :

bat crimsonenemy to make them hostile
bat crimsonally to make them friendly

obviously I think I don’t need to state you should only use this if you completed their quests/are friendly with them.



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zip Hostile Crimson Fleet-1-0 299 B
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