Fuel Consumption Unlocked V1.0

Fuel Consumption Unlocked V1.0

The mod unlocks fuel consumption in the game, including refueling by the ship services technicians in the settled systems and refueling when flying to or traveling over outposts. All relevant information is calculated and displayed in the star map interface.


Fuel consumption will be active from the first landing in New Atlantis. If you install the mod after this point (or in NG+), you need to activate the fuel consumption by pressing the fuel button. To function properly, the mod needs to know your outposts. It is recommended that you check your outposts before activating the fuel consumption.

Spaceships consume fuel for the grav jump from one star system to another star system. Ships also consume fuel when taking off/landing and traveling within a star system, but the amount of fuel required for this is very small (in the decimal range). So, your spaceship will always have enough fuel to travel within a star system.

The resource for fuel is Helium-3 (He-3). He-3 has a mass of 0.5 and is counted as fuel in half units. This means that 2 units of He-3 are required to fill the ship’s tank with 1 unit of fuel. He-3 is a common resource. It is traded, stored at various abandoned places and can be found as a resource on many planets and moons.


In the settled systems you can have your ship refueled by the ship services technicians (dialogue option).

If you grav jump to an outpost with He-3 storage (i.e. He-3 in extractors, harvesters, and other containers), or if such an outpost is a grav jump point in your route, your ship will refuel according to the available He-3 and the range is increased accordingly. By chaining such outposts, you can cover long distances even with rather small fuel tanks.

You can refuel your ship manually at any time. To do this, add He-3 to your inventory, press the fuel button to open the tanks and leave the ship (within 2 min) to refuel. You do not need He-3 in your inventory at outposts with He-3 storage.

You can also steal fuel from boarded ships in space. To do so, press the fuel button and enter the boarded ship.

The fuel button is at the ship’s pilot seat and also serves as a fuel gauge.


Mod comes as ESM with loose script files and with a SFSE plugin (DLL and INI). The SFSE plugin made by LarannKiar is under GPL-3 license. The mod requires ‘SFSE’ and ‘Plugins.txt Enabler’. Install as any other mod. Use a mod manager.

To uninstall deactivate the plugin + start the game + make a save + exit the game. Thereafter deactivate and uninstall the mod.


Plugins.txt Enabler
Starfield Script Extender (SFSE)


7StarC and LarannKiar

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