Hand Scanner Utility – CCR V1.0.2

Hand Scanner Utility - CCR V1.0.2

Multiple options covering a variety of base ranges, skill bonuses, effective ranges and number of scans required to complete the scan of an organism.

This is an automagic way of making the scanner less tedious. This is not a bat script and this file is that this file does not require running a bat file either manually or through your StarfieldCustom.ini file.

You can select from:

75, 100, and 150m base ranges, (Vanilla game setting is 50m)
2, 3, or 5 times the scanner range (that’s 20, 30, or 50m)
15, 20, or 25 skill point multiplier to scan range (Vanilla is 10)
Flora/fauna scans can be set to 1, 2, 3, or 4 scans to complete.


MO2: Just download and install, it will automatically go where it belongs.
Vortex: Same as above 🙂

Manual: Not recommended, but…. Extract the 7z file using 7-Zip
The “optional” folder contains multiple subfolders that eventually come to a toml file. Place your desired toml file in your SFSE/Plugins/ConsoleCommandRunnder folder

Starfield Script Extender
Console Command Runner

Whenever Starfield is updated, both of the required files for this mod will need to be updated. This file will continue to work after both SFSE and CCR are updated.



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