Immersive Damage V1.7

Immersive Damage V1.5 Beta

What does this mod do?
Simple mod that changes the damage values so you can kill enemies without the sponginess. This allows for a more immersive experience. I highly recommend that you configure the values to your personal preference.

NOTE: As of v1.3 of the mod. It will not work with Very Easy and Easy. This was an intentional design. You are welcome to change the values if you desire to have it on those difficulties.

How to install
Place contents of the “Starfield” folder into your game directory ex. steamapps\common\Starfield

Place StarfieldCustom.ini into Documents/My Games/Starfield

This mod changes the values for every single weapon including ships. I have been told that the ship combat is somewhat unplayable with the damage values high. I have included experimental commands in v1.5 BETA that could possibly resolve this issue.

The mod needs more extensive testing at the higher difficulties. Let me know your experience with this mod, and any changes you recommend.



Download mod

File File size
zip ImmersiveDamage-1-7 853 B
zip ImmersiveDamage v1.5 BETA 833 B
zip ImmersiveDamage v1.41 801 B
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