Immersive Love Perk V1.0

Immersive Love Perk V1.0

When you are in love, entire body and soul “feels” better. This mod overhauls Love Perk & Well Rested perk as well. See description for all the details!

This mod overhauls both Love Perk & Well Rested perk.

When you are in love, all your body, your soul feels better! Same as when you are well rested. So not only you get better at learning (more exp) but everything else.

So.. what this mod does:

When you are well rested, you gain:
+10% more exp for 24 minutes
You feel stronger and more resistant (+25 armor and +5% damage)
You breathe more calmly (+10% Oxygen)
You move better (+5% movement speed)

When you are in LOVE:
All these bonuses are better.
+15% more exp for 24 minutes
+50 armor and +10% damage
+ 10% Oxygen
+5% movement speed


1. Download with manager or manually.

2. Make sure Inquisitor_Immersive_Love_Perk.esm is inside:

3. Activate Inquisitor_Immersive_Love_Perk.esm inside plugins.txt at app data.

Make sure your StarfieldCustom.ini has this:

” [Archive]
sResourceDataDirsFinal= ”



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