Killable Children V1.0

Killable Children V1.0

Simple xEdit override to make children in Starfield mortal like anyone else, no more annoying red dots on your minimap when you go on a killing spree!

Despite my screenshot Cora is marked as essential and cannot be killed due to her Quest affiliations, I think she is the only essential child and also the only one with any meaningful dialogue so I didn’t remove her essential tag. If you want to be able to kill essentials regardless of their essential tag (how I killed Cora) you will need this mod too.

Just install with Vortex or Mod Manager, if you’re using loose files put the ESM wherever you’ve been putting loose files, usually in your Documents/My Games/Starfield/Data. You have to use plugins.txt you cannot use the testfile functions with xEdit mods. Please advise.

Super basic xEdit override mod, should be safe enough as it only removes a single piece of data from a single reference… but I haven’t had a lot of time to test it since xEdit came out about an hour ago for SF.

What this mod does:
Removes the Child tag from the child race;
Allows killing all children not marked essential

What this mod does NOT do:
Anything else…
Anything gross…



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