NGXP Plus V1.0

NGXP Plus V1.0

NGXP Plus dangles a new carrot in front of players daring to enter the Unity: Each NG+ provides +50% increase in XP gain, allowing to reach higher levels without grind. NG+7 eg grants 350% more XP than in the starting universe. Contains an alternative Risk vs Reward variant which also makes each NG+ much more dangerous than the one before.

NGXP Plus tries to tackle two problems of the default game at once:

The too steep leveling curve on higher levels (which forces many player to resort to grind by mass crafting or farming of poor creatures) and
the lack of a strong enough incentive to leave all material achievements of the old universe behind (gear, ships, outposts, credits…)

Each NG+ increases the XP gain by an additional 50% (compared to the XP gain in the starting universe). This increases up to NG+20 and more where it caps out at an XP gain 10x times higher than at the start.

It gets much more tempting now to leave your old world behind and sail out into the blackest sea for new, much more rewarding adventures.

NGXP Plus Risk
The download also contains an optional, alternative variant (choose one of them) called NGXP Plus Risk:

It does the same as NGXP Plus and additionally:

The damage the player receives in ground combat increases by 25% on each NG+ (compared to the starting universe) and caps out at an increase of 6x times the damage received in NG+20.
In space combat the damage received by the player increases by 10% on each NG+, capping out at 3x times damage received in NG+20.
Damage dealt by the player on ground and in space is reduced only by 5% each NG+ loop, capping out at a 50% reduction in NG+10 already.
These values replace the much softer difficulty increases for each NG+ loop that come prebuild with the default game.

How it was done
NGXP Plus is a pure .esm mod, made with xEdit. It changes two hidden perks of the player character to implement its mechanics. You can use the mod right away, midgame. It cannot hurt to make a manual save beforehand though to return to in case of problems anyway (should be good standard practice).

First make sure to enable Archive Invalidation
Then please install Plugins Enabler (and therewith also SFSE and Address Library for SFSE)
Download the mod, unzip it and place the .esm file of your choice (NGXP Plus or NGXP Plus Risk) into your game’s data folder
In your plugins.txt file please add the correct line: Either *NGXP Plus.esm or *NGXP Plus Risk.esm (preferably at the end, so the changes are not accidentally overwritten by other mods)



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