Perk Up – Quality of Life Improvements (ESM) V0.2

Perk Up - Quality of Life Improvements (ESM) V0.2

Various QoL (Quality of Life) improvements:
* XP Bonus for Well-Rested increased from 10% to 100% (double)
* XP Bonus for Emotional Security increased from 15% to 200% (triple)
* Weightlifting, Fitness and Payload perks increased

QoL Improvements

Perk Improvements:

Weight-Lifting perk grants about twice as much carry capacity as vanilla.
Payloads perk grants 3x as much cargo capacity.
Fitness perk grants twice as much oxygen capacity.

Rested XP Improvements:

Well Rested status from taking a nap now grants +100% (double) experience gain temporarily instead of +10%.
Emotional Security (Lovers Embrace) status now grants +200% (triple) experience gain temporarily instead of +15%.
Both effects now last 60 in-game hours instead of 24.

I didn’t include the option for removing perk challenges, as it appeared to be buggy when I tested it out. Perhaps I will revisit this when official mod support is made available by Bethesda (presumably around Feb 2024).

It is recommended that you use Mod Organizer 2 to install this mod, so as to simplify installation and avoid confusion as to where the mod should be placed.

If you want both the Perk Improvements as well as the Rested XP Improvements, download the main file (Perk Up – Combined).
But if you want either of the Perk Improvements (More is More) or Rested XP Improvements (XP Bonus), download the corresponding file from Optional Files.

Important: Until official mod support for Starfield is released, you should use Nukem’s Plugins.txt enabler which requires Starfield Script Extender on Steam or an ASI Loader on Xbox Game Pass.



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zip Perk Up - Combined-0-2 2 KB
zip Perk Up - XP Bonus-0-1 786 B
zip Perk Up - More is More-0-1 2 KB
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