Piloting for M-Class Ships V1.0

Piloting for M-Class Ships V1.0

Modifies the skill Piloting 4 to allow the player to not only pilot class C ships, but class M ships.
(Parts for M-Class ships can be made available using other mods.)

For that one guy in the posts section of my other mod 😂

Installation guide (manual):

Install SFSE (or ASI Loader if you are not on Steam)

Install Plugins.txt Enabler
Go to your game’s root folder (the one with Starfield.exe inside)
Extract the .esm file into the Data directory
Go to this folder: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Starfield (WIN+R and paste this text)
If you don’t have a Plugins.txt file in there yet, create one (keep in mind your windows installation might hide the .txt file extension)
Paste the following lines into this file (or just the lines you want, depending on which buffs you want)

# This file is used by Starfield to keep track of your downloaded content.

The first line (beginning with #) seems to be necessary as the first line of this file (don’t ask me why)
If that doesn’t work, try putting the .esm file into the Documents\My Games\Starfield folder, but it worked in the other directory for me



Download mod

File File size
zip Piloting for M-Class Ships-1-0 314 B
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