Player Level Scaling V1.1

Player Level Scaling V1.1

This mod allows grenades, mines, unarmed damage, melee weapon damage and weapon bash damage to scale with character level. It also provides a framework that allows mod authors to easily implement level scaling for their own perk entry points and effects.

There are several versions available, including one that only contains the bare framework in case that’s all you need, and an all-in-one version which does it all.

The full version increases the damage of grenades, mines, unarmed hits and weapon bashing by +5% per level up to level 100. It increases melee weapon damage by +1% per level. I’ve done a good amount of testing and these values seem balanced, but I’m open to feedback. I can tweak the damage scaling in response to feedback at any time without issues. The damage scaling only affects the player, not NPCs who have their own damage scaling system.

The framework works by taking the unused Actor Value on your character called “Variable08” and modifying it to be equal to your character level every time you level up. Authors can then use the “Multiply 1 + Actor Value Mult” function in a perk entry point to make an effect scale with character level, as long as the user has this framework installed. If you’re unsure of how to utilize it as an author then you can see my perk entry points for reference.

In the extremely unlikely event that the player’s own personal Variable08 value ends up being used by Bethesda at some point, I’m still able to switch to another unused AV without too much trouble. Todd willing, I can say with high confidence that it won’t cause any issues in the future.

I recommend checking out my complementary mod Skill Fixes.

That’s all folks. Enjoy!



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