Purchasable Starborn (NG Plus) Suits V1.0

Purchasable Starborn (NG Plus) Suits V1.0

This mod is experimental and stability has not been proven. Use at your own risk.
Create a save before enabling, and know that anything can happen and you may have to go back to your old save.


Trade Authority have somehow smuggled in Starborn spacesuits!

You can now purchase Starborn spacesuits from Trade Authority merchants, such as Zoe Kaminski at The Well (New Atlantis), Manaaki Almonte at Central Hub (Cydonia), Marcel Duris at The Den (Chthonia), and many others (not including Trade Authority Kiosk).


Trade Authority merchants behave close to vanilla, with better gear appearing the higher the player’s level (every 5 level).
Starborn suits are sold based on chance, so merchants do not sell all suits at once.


Trade Authority merchants sell all Starborn suits at once, with no level requirements.

Note: This mod disables achievements.
To avoid this, use the Baka Achievement Enabler.


Extract the ESP file into your game’s root “Starfield\Data” folder (if that doesn’t work, try putting it in your “Documents\My Games\Starfield\Data” folder).
Navigate to your “Documents\My Games\Starfield” folder.
Copy and paste the following two lines into your “StarfieldCustom.ini” (if it doesn’t exist, create one).


If you already have this line, simply increase the number of sTestFile to anything 1 to 10 as shown below.

sTestFile1=(Other Mod).esp

Note: You have to wait two days for the merchant to restock their inventory to see the change.
To make it easier to test the mod, type SetGS iDaysToRespawnVendor 0 (default is 2) in the console and you shouldn’t have to wait 2 days in-game, and then type SetGS iDaysToRespawnVendor 2 again into the console when you’re done testing.



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