Richer Vendors – 10x merchant gold and 1 day restock V0.2

Richer Vendors - 10x merchant gold and 1 day restock V0.1

Low effort mod with the following changes:
Merchants have 10x the amount of credits.
Merchants restock in 1 day UT time.
Vendor credit limits might have made more sense in medieval or post-apocalyptic settings where gold coins and bottle caps are physical; it is unimmersive in a futuristic setting with a financial system, digital currency, and mega-corporations spanning multiple star systems. You’re telling me the systems-spanning Trade Authority only has enough credits on hand to purchase 146 Chunks Cheesesteaks?
The 2 day restock feels completely arbitrary.
The lower limits don’t make the game harder: people just wait for restock without penalty (other than time)
Created using the officially sanctioned version of xEdit.
Changes made in this plugin do not persist in saved games, so it is safe to install or uninstall whenever.

Nukem’s Plugin loader

Install this mod via mod manager.
You’ll need to enable plugin management for Starfield in MO2 settings.
No idea about Vortex.
Whenever. Doesn’t matter.



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File File size
7z Richer Vendors-0-2 779 B
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