Richer Vendors – Immersive vendors with up to 1m credits V1.0

Richer Vendors - Immersive vendors with up to 1m credits V1.0

This is my own take on overhauling the vendor’s credits, many aren’t changed but others have been upgraded significantly. All trade authority NPCs each now have 1m credits!

Install with a mod manager or put wherever you’ve been putting loose files, this was made with xEdit and requires you to use Plugins.txt because you will have issues with testfile configurations.

This mod was created with the idea in mind that the trade authority should be working with a lot more money in the till, credits aren’t even a physical item, so it makes it hard to steal them, they speak about moving hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of goods every week so where is that profit?

Well now all trade authority NPCs will have 1m credits! Kiosks only have 50k credits due to the limited space available to store the items you offload.

Also, Vlad has 1m credits to buy your data with because the money he is using is Walter Stroud’s money anyways. Several vendors have had their till increased as well to align with the Trade Authority and the type of trading that would make more sense in this highly inflated market.

~While this mod should be safe, this mod has not been thoroughly tested for stability, please report issues you find! ~



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