SF Civis Vendors More Credits Gradually Increased V1.0

SF Civis Vendors More Credits Gradually Increased V1.0

Vendors will have more credits for trading depending on your level.
At level 8 -> x4, level 15 -> x7, level 22 -> x10 more Credits than initial amount (level 1 -> 8).
Commerce perk tweaked, the annoying challenges removed (see screenshot).
You will no longer be ruined and practically stolen while trading at rank 4 of the perk.

Not particularly related to the purpose of this mod:
1. Added a Storage Crate (unlimited capacity) in The Den (Wolf system) in which you can store your contraband (and not only) until you get more levels in Commerce for better deals.
2. Holden Bonilla (the SSN reporter) will stop pestering you with his welcome 4 lines incessantly repeated until you put a bullet in his head.
He will say them only once. Blissful silence is the music of the gods.
3. Some 3 miscellaneous clutter items were disabled to no longer get between your legs and rendering all NPCs (in The Den) hostile, if you dared to grab and throw them apart.

1. MO2 v2.5.0. users – install the mod and fire the game.
2. Vortex users – install the mod, add *SFCivisVendorsMoreCreditsGraduallyIncreased.esm to your plugins.txt file and fire the game.

Requires: Plugins.txt Enabler



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