Simple Ammo Weight V0.1

Simple Ammo Weight V0.1

Ammo you carry or put into containers has weight now…

Ammo of all categories will now have a fixed weight(mass) value of 0.01. Ergo if you have 50000 pieces of ammo in your inventory, you will carry an additional 500kg(lbs?) of weight in your inventory. The ammo will be considered on other containers as well. So if you transfer ammo to your ship container, or a crew member/companion, they need to carry the burden.

How was it done?

Basically the same as in the Skyrim Survival Mod. A PlayerAlias script will check if an item as Ammo is added/removed to/from your inventory, and will then add/remove a misc “dummy weight” object to/from your inventory. The misc objects mass can be edited in xEdit if you feel it’s to heavy, or light. Containers that are not the player will work the opposite way from how it works on the player.

Aren’t you concerned about vendors?

No. They’re rarely moving if at all, and their inventory resets every 1-2 days, depending on mod state. So unless you’ll loot a gargentous amount of ammo to sell, their inventories will carry the burden without menu chitter.

How to install?

Drag&Drop for Mod Managers. Make sure to grab the Plugin.txt installer.

For manual install: you are capable enough to know what you need to do. Don’t forget the asterisk(*) and the file extention (.esm) in the Plugin.txt. Count the days CK is released. Soon we don’t need that anymore.

The mod is archieved, so no loose files from here on for any of the mods I make.

Planing on expanding?

Depends on requests. More weight distinction could be achieved via formlisting categories, although that would render the term “simple” obsolete.

I tried to filter against keyword to affect only the ship container, but akSourceContainer doesn’t seem to like .HasKeyword(). So I’ve set all containers affected.

Displaying an actual mass value on the menu item isn’t possible unless Bethesda enables it for the UI, which they are likely going to do once we see a Survival Mode. The mass value for the actual ammo item exists in xEdit, but editing it does nothing, and so does any attempt to set that value via scripting.

If you want I can actually make it so the weight dummy is displayed in inventory. I merely need to re-add the model path. I templated from the credits stick.

Any Mods to recommend?

This is supposed to be played with the Simple Needs Mod, because Starvival has their own feature.

How can we enable the container weight for Starvival?



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